Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fun words from the idiolect of mountain bikers.

Tonight I had quite a fun evening hanging out with a bunch some rather hard core downhill mountain bikers. These are folks who live for a sport that quite regularly leads to multiple compound fractures. So it really doesn't need to be said that a night hanging out with them is generally fairly interesting and more often than not quite fun-filled. However, that said, despite their death defying lifestyle the thing that I think is perhaps most interesting about them is their use of language. Here are a few of the more amusing examples:

Mullette (moo-LAY) n.
1. A hairstyle similar to the mullet or ape drape but which is carefully groomed to appear European, or to be more particular French. Also known as a euromullet.

2. A large bald Newfoundlander.

Greable (GREE-bull) n.
1. A child who has been playing in a sandbox and drinking juice sloppily and as such has a face covered in semi-congealed juice mixed with sand, dust, and dirt.

2. Someone with poor personal hygiene or otherwise lacking in interpersonal skills.

3. People who wear sleeveless hooded sweat-shirts, are unshaven, and have moustaches.

Yes, idioms are fun....


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