Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I just got back my first acceptance letter for a PhD program. The University of Cincinnati's philosophy program has decided that they would be willing to let me study there for a doctorate. Chumps! Anyways, it's time for celebration. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

This is totally sweet. UC has a program which will allow me to cross train in the sciences, has people who work in phil of bio, phil of neuroscience, and environmental philosophy. So much goodness. If they offer me enough money I can go there and continue working on the neuro-stuff that I worked on in my undergraduate as well as the philosophy stuff that I have come to love. Feel so much excitement, need to run around and yell.....


P.S. It just occurs to me that if I go to Cincinnati, I'll get an opportunity to hang out with one of my favorite bloggers, Rob Skipper.

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