Saturday, March 25, 2006

I just read the best blog post ever.

I was digging through various people's blog rolls and I came across my newest blog hero, The Gay Black Jew. Someone who's a minority triple threat and in the US? They must be badest ass ever (unless there happens to be a gay black jew who lives in Iran, that person would be the bades ass ever). Yet, The Gay Black Jew is even more impressive. For example, consider his post titled: Terrorist Trades Promise of 72 Virgins For Reality of One Filthy Whore. You know a post is going to be worth a laugh when the editor's note is as follows:
Editor's Note: The Gay Black Jew believes that terrorism should be fought with boobies, not bombs. We make great bombs and we like to show them off to the world, but one of our best strategic resources--nice, big tits--is not being utilized to protect the American people. Write your senator today! Tell them to bring the troops home and send in some strippers! Ask them why we aren't air-dropping crates in Afghanistan with Astro-glide and pictures of naked Arabic. That's what The Gay Black Jew would do.



UPDATE: I've discovered that The Gay Black Jew isn't gay, black, or Jewish but, that said, he's still really, really funny!

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