Monday, March 27, 2006

This guy is my hero!


Naked, Oily Man Attacks Police With Nunchucks

Written by Jodi Mohrmann

Police in Charleston say a naked man exposed himself to his neighbor, then later attacked officers with nunchucks.

Police say 49-year-old Rudolph Claude Smith went next door to his neighbor's house to borrow some oil for a workout. While he was in the neighbor's home, police say Smith took off his clothes and asked the neighbor to "oil him up."

According to a police report, Smith attacked officers with nunchucks when they came to his home to make an arrest. They also say the oil made it hard for them to get a good grip on him.

He's now in jail awaiting a bond hearing.

Next time I'm naked and oily the cops better watch their asses. Errr.... That came out wrong....


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