Friday, April 21, 2006

I have a new favorite Cardinal.

Normally when I read about religious figures in the news, it's always a matter of something bad (like child molestation or protesting at funerals) or something tremendously stupid (like someone declaring that there's a war against Christianity, or trying to suggest keeping intelligent design out of science classes is censorship). However, today I read about an Italian Cardinal who made the news for being so sensible (you know that things are a little off when you make the news for being sensible). Here's a few snippets from the article:
The former Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, said condoms, when used by married couples, were a "lesser evil" than passing on the disease to more people.

"A spouse infected with Aids is obliged to protect the other partner who also has to be able to protect herself,"

Using condoms to prevent AIDS! Who'd ever think that a senior member of the Catholic hierarchy would say something so reasonable?
Cardinal Martini also pledged his support for legal abortions and the use of frozen embryos to enable single women to produce children. "It is difficult for a modern state not to intervene, at least to prevent a brutal, arbitrary situation from developing," he said, adding that the legalisation of abortion, which occurred in Italy in 1978, had been a "positive" development in that it had "contributed to reducing and eliminating illegal abortions."

Preventing clothes hanger abortions by giving women a safe and regulated alternative? I'm definitely picking up what this guy is putting down.
(Cardinal Martini said) he would not condemn people who are involved out of "altruism" at the request of people who wish to end their lives (i.e. cases of assisted suicide/euthanasia).

And this guy isn't the Pope? If this guy wore the Papal crown, I'd convert to Catholicism tomorrow. Well, maybe the whole not believing in God thing might get in the way....

Anyhow, there needs to be far more religious figures like Cardinal Martini and fewer that are like Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps, and Tom Cruise.

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