Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ivy League or ID League?

To be completely honest I've never thought highly of the Ivy League schools. It just always struck me that they were a little overrated. Sure, they're good schools but there are, in my opinion at least, a lot of non-Ivy League schools that are way better but are overshadowed by institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Cornell.

However, whatever my feelings about them, the Ivy League has in the past generally been a bastion of higher learning, which I could at least respect if not feel fondly about. This though has changed.

Apparently, unless I'm the victim of a elaborate hoax (which this really should be), it seems that Cornell is going to offer an undergraduate course in Intelligent Design.

People keep talking about a supposed "war on Christianity" but really, from the way it seems to me there's a war on the part of biblical literalists against even a modicum of rational thought and enlightenment. Moreover, it seems that they're actually gaining ground. If there's a sign that there needs to be more funding for science education, it's the increasing support for idiotic "theories" like Intelligent Design.

I mean, ID has made it into the Ivy League?

I remember less than five years ago the mere suggestion that someone working in biology or the philosophy of biology could harm their reputation sufficiently to have serious negative effect upon their careers.


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