Friday, April 07, 2006

The stupidity is spreading....

Fuck I hate creationists. Those dirty goat fucking sons of bitches. From the Gazette:
McGill University says the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council made a "factual error" when it denied Professor Brian Alters a $40,000 grant on the grounds that he'd failed to provide the panel with ample evidence that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is correct.

Jennifer Robinson, McGill's associate vice-principal for communications, said the university has asked the SSHRC to review its decision to reject Alters's request for money to study how the rising popularity in the United States of "intelligent design" - a controversial creationist theory of life - is eroding acceptance of evolutionary science in Canada.

The planned project, submitted last year to the council, is titled Detrimental effects of popularizing anti-evolution's intelligent design theory on Canadian students, teachers, parents, administrators and policymakers.

Alters, director of McGill's Evolution Education Research Centre, told CanWest News Service yesterday he was shocked at SSHRC's response and that it offers "ironic" proof that his premise about intelligent design gaining a foothold in Canada is correct.

Now I've always thought that SSHRC was a bit capricious when it comes to what they fund (indeed they shot me down but funded some stupid sociological study about comic books, I mean sociology isn't even an academic field). However, when they refuse to fund a project about the erosion of science by creationism and ID because the guy didn't prove that evolution is true, that's going from capricious to just plain stupid.


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